Friday, May 9, 2008

franklin in the spring.

Prom 2008- On the steps of Belle Meade Plantation

These are a few of my favorite things:

1) Franklin in the spring. And fall. And right before Christmas at night. Pretty much year round. But today, I went to the Mercantile for the first time. It was delicious. I will frequent there often. After lunch, we walked to Pinkerton, but got sidetracked at Landmark Booksellers. (FYI: Landmark Booksellers is this super cool bookstore with new books. And books from like, the dark ages.) I picked up a copy of The Wizard of Oz Babies (I think...) today that was originally copyrighted in 1899. It was insane. Kory found a book that he had been looking for that was around the same age. I ventured upstairs, found the art section, complete with a Billie Holliday CD, and an overstuffed leather chair. I was in heaven.

2) John Mayer. He has an incredible voice, and is easy on the eyes to top it off. His new single "Say" is worth checking out.

3) NO MORE AP US HISTORY! I took the test today, and survived. Praise the Lord!

4) Cheap dresses and sandals. Went mall hopping today too. Boys are fun to shop with. I found a 20 dollar dress and 7 dollar sandals. Wooo Hoo. New outfit!

Africa: 22 DAYS. Only 22!!

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Nina said...

So, I think it's ridiculous you just now discovered the Merc and Landmark. (I will own my failure there for not intro'ing you earlier.)

And I decided we need a hang out day. You+me at the Middletons this weekend? Just us? I might need help with Kosova.