Thursday, April 24, 2008

insane ramblings.

so. here's a snippet of this past week...


I have/had strep this week. Mind you, I was at school yesterday and today, because if you miss even a MINUTE of Junior year, you're basically up a creek without a paddle. (I missed half of Monday and all of Tuesday. I thought something had died inside my head.) So now, I'm on this VERY pleasant medicine. (not.) I'm pretty sure that sand is one of the ingredients. Yes, sand. Like, the grainy stuff you find on the beach. And in your EVERYTHING upon your return home...


Wow, God is so so so COOL. My dad sent out an email to a lot of his buisness buddies for support... and within 30 minutes I had a donation of 100 dollars! On top of another donation of that much. What a cool dude. PLUS, I got a surprise e-mail from Hannah (the daughter of the author of Red Letters) today. Hooooo-ray! 37 DAYS!!!!

IS ON SATURDAY! Going to get my nails done tomorrow. What a treat. I love pedicures. Pictures will be posted...we have a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER coming in. FOR FREE. I will deff post her link in here so pictures will be available soon after they are taken!

I ADORE Phil Wickham. Go to Youtube and type "Phil Wickham- Hallelujah" you will not be let down. [Thanks Neens for sending me this!!!]

I love getting friend requests on Facebook. It's like a little present. You never know who it will be. Unless, of course, you were just at a youth retreat. And followed every goodbye with "I'm on Facebook!" Then it's different.

AP classes kinda freak me out.

Wii Fit looks extremely exciting. I may have to ask for it for my birthday...

I'm stoked about my next oil painting. All I can say is that it came from the Uganda blogging trip pictures.

I'm nervous about wearing heels. I've been wearing them around the house. My brother got a kick out of heels + pajamas.

Guitar Hero makes me feel beastly.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

a little glimpse of heaven.

So I teach kindergarteners. And we were practicing our songs tonight. We issued a "challenge" and split the room up into two parts, and told the kids that whoever sings the loudest gets to sit down at the snack table first. (Yes, I firmly believe in the art of bribery. It works wonders.)

I have never in my life heard them sing that loud. And nail all the motions. While these six year olds surrounded me with their shouts of praise to the Lord, I couldn't help but think that THAT is what heaven is going to be like. I almost cried.

Then, after choir, God did something totally cool. Again. Yeah, I never ever grow tired of it. Ronny and Fernando, two of the boys I babysit, and I have taught them both in choir, walk up to me with their parents. Their mom says, "Okay boys, tell Ms. Amberly what you did!" And the boys said: "Miss Amberly, we sold our Jeep drive car, and some more of our toys. To raise money for your trip."

Now. These two boys are seven and five. And they SOLD some of their toys for me and my trip to Africa. I am SO stinkin' proud of them. I even teared up a little. Maybe I should put a picture of them in my wallet, and whip it out when I tell this story.

God is so cool.

-I love Oprah's Big Give
-I love Neens and her funny Nina Stories.
-I love taking pictures.

Prom- 6 DAYS!
Senior Year- like 2o something school days.
MALAWI: 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

My God Is A Great Big God

So this morning I was journaling about my trip. I was praying that if this trip is the Lord's will, that it's the Lord's bill. This afternoon, I was on the phone with a friend, and my mom comes upstairs. She hands me an envelope from my grandparents. I open it, and find a check for 500 dollars inside. I then spent about ten minutes yelling into the phone and dancing around the room. God is SO cool. :]

So SHOT DAY was today. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The Lord blessed me with the two SWEETEST ladies to give me my shots. We talked about my trip, and college, and art, and boys. All my favorite subjects. :] Sadly, my left arm is super sore. Oh, I'll deal. It's going to be totally worth it!

Amberly Moment: When I was asked where I was going on my mission trip, I replied with "Malaria."

For those of us keeping score at home, I'm going to Malawi, not malaria.
In my defense, this was AFTER 5 shots and 2 lectures about not drinking tap water.
(Plus a particulary difficult day at school.)

Found out today (THANK YOU FACEBOOK!) that Brooklyn and Abbey are going to Uganda. I am SO excited for them, but I wish I could tag along! I for sure have my sights set on a Projekt Hero shirt. :]

Senior Year: 18 class days!