Sunday, April 20, 2008

a little glimpse of heaven.

So I teach kindergarteners. And we were practicing our songs tonight. We issued a "challenge" and split the room up into two parts, and told the kids that whoever sings the loudest gets to sit down at the snack table first. (Yes, I firmly believe in the art of bribery. It works wonders.)

I have never in my life heard them sing that loud. And nail all the motions. While these six year olds surrounded me with their shouts of praise to the Lord, I couldn't help but think that THAT is what heaven is going to be like. I almost cried.

Then, after choir, God did something totally cool. Again. Yeah, I never ever grow tired of it. Ronny and Fernando, two of the boys I babysit, and I have taught them both in choir, walk up to me with their parents. Their mom says, "Okay boys, tell Ms. Amberly what you did!" And the boys said: "Miss Amberly, we sold our Jeep drive car, and some more of our toys. To raise money for your trip."

Now. These two boys are seven and five. And they SOLD some of their toys for me and my trip to Africa. I am SO stinkin' proud of them. I even teared up a little. Maybe I should put a picture of them in my wallet, and whip it out when I tell this story.

God is so cool.

-I love Oprah's Big Give
-I love Neens and her funny Nina Stories.
-I love taking pictures.

Prom- 6 DAYS!
Senior Year- like 2o something school days.
MALAWI: 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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