Monday, March 31, 2008

T-Minus 2 Months!

Disney Picture # 1- The Magic Kingdom Group.

Had Team Meeting No. 2 yesterday. We found out that we are now traveling with a different airline, and have about 3 layovers. Considering that these layovers are in: Chicago, LONDON, and Nairobi, I am not sad about 3 layovers. I will be able to spent a DAY in LONDON. Yes, LONDON. I'm not happy at all. :] Just kidding. Em and I are STOKED.
This time in 2 months (1000 something hours, according to me and Em's calculations) I will be on my way to London, England. Then to MALAWI. Oh, God is so good. :]

My dad and I went to see RENT on Saturday. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I think, if he keeps taking me to TPAC, he may create a monster. There is just something about it that I LOVE.
RENT was so so so so so good. The cast was ridiculously talented, and the play was very very well acted. I am currently Myspacing/Itunesing (is that a word?) all the actors in the play...Many of them have record deals! Heinz Winckler is worth a checkin' out... he was my fave. :]

Living in Nashville:
Is officially the best. It has been the best for awhile, but there is nothing like going out and seeing famous people. Plus, the atmosphere here is supacool. It seems on every street corner there are musicians with open cases playing out their souls on their respective instruments. Street performers I love. The famous people are neat too. We always enjoy showing out-of-towners the homes of the "stars" we know. (ie: Alan Jackson, Michael W. Smith, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, assorted Titans players.) By "know" I mean know where they live. We don't get invited to these peoples birthday bashes for their pet goldfish or anything. :] I do, however know a few other stars. But I don't want to name-drop.

Countdown: 26 DAYS! Hooooray!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring at LAST!

Disney was a blast. Lots and lots of pictures. :]

I was pressured into riding:
Everest: Totally worth it, and not that scary after all. Unless shadows of "Yetis" scare you. The best part: riding the whole track BACKWARDS.
Tower of Terror: Also totally totally totally worth it. Kelsey and I were upset we didn't get dropped the whole 13 stories. Helped me overcome my fear of falling. Flew out of my seat, thank goodness for strong boys sitting next to me and seat belts.
Splash Mountain: Very cute. Not nearly as scary as I remembered it, but still really cool. Especially when riding it at night during the fireworks show.
Expedition Mars: G-Forces are SWEET. Maybe I'll be an astronaut when I grow up.
Soarin: MY FAVORITE. Especially the Smell-o-vision and playing Wii in line.

The marching band [I play the piccolo.] marched in a parade on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. I say A parade because there were about fifty thousand. Which makes getting around the park especially difficult.
We got to see "Backstage Disney." Which was totally cool, except for the whole "No taking pictures! No cell phones!" Thing. I will probably get reprimanded for talking about it on my blog. That whole keeping up apperances thing and all. It was cool though, seeing all the characters. Plus-- who knew you could stargaze in DisneyWorld?!

Welcome back, spring! I have missed you tons. Especially because I've spent the last 5 days in sunny Florida. Let's go jump in a swimmin' pool! The temperature is above 50 degrees! (52 to be exact....maybe I should go back to Orlando. It's still a little chilly to swim.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

And The Countdown Begins!

So I got the "official word" last night that I was on the Malawi Africa team! Praise the Lord! I am so excited, and think about it every second of everyday. :]

Spring Break is in 8 days. I'm going to see Mickey. And Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. I'm such a little kid.

Current Obsessions:
-swing dancing. I'm currently buying a load of swing music to put on my Ipod. hoooooooo-ray. :]
-Sister Act 2. It has the best soundtrack. I will admit, I was dancing around while the kids on the movie were singing "Oh Happy Day."
-PLANET EARTH. [nerd alert!] Watched it today in chemistry. What Planet Earth has to do with chemistry, I do not know. But it amazes me that humans can catch all these different, diverse animals up close and personal. And that ONE God created them all. I like to think I'm somewhat creative...but His creativity outweighs mine by about... a whole whole lot.

Disney pictures WILL be posted. :] I highly anticipate chasing around the characters, just like I did 7 years ago when I was ten. But I'll have an excuse- I'm in Disney World, where everyone turns into a kid as soon as they walk through those magical gates. I can't wait. :]

Countdown: 86 days!