Monday, March 31, 2008

T-Minus 2 Months!

Disney Picture # 1- The Magic Kingdom Group.

Had Team Meeting No. 2 yesterday. We found out that we are now traveling with a different airline, and have about 3 layovers. Considering that these layovers are in: Chicago, LONDON, and Nairobi, I am not sad about 3 layovers. I will be able to spent a DAY in LONDON. Yes, LONDON. I'm not happy at all. :] Just kidding. Em and I are STOKED.
This time in 2 months (1000 something hours, according to me and Em's calculations) I will be on my way to London, England. Then to MALAWI. Oh, God is so good. :]

My dad and I went to see RENT on Saturday. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE. I think, if he keeps taking me to TPAC, he may create a monster. There is just something about it that I LOVE.
RENT was so so so so so good. The cast was ridiculously talented, and the play was very very well acted. I am currently Myspacing/Itunesing (is that a word?) all the actors in the play...Many of them have record deals! Heinz Winckler is worth a checkin' out... he was my fave. :]

Living in Nashville:
Is officially the best. It has been the best for awhile, but there is nothing like going out and seeing famous people. Plus, the atmosphere here is supacool. It seems on every street corner there are musicians with open cases playing out their souls on their respective instruments. Street performers I love. The famous people are neat too. We always enjoy showing out-of-towners the homes of the "stars" we know. (ie: Alan Jackson, Michael W. Smith, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, assorted Titans players.) By "know" I mean know where they live. We don't get invited to these peoples birthday bashes for their pet goldfish or anything. :] I do, however know a few other stars. But I don't want to name-drop.

Countdown: 26 DAYS! Hooooray!

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