Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring at LAST!

Disney was a blast. Lots and lots of pictures. :]

I was pressured into riding:
Everest: Totally worth it, and not that scary after all. Unless shadows of "Yetis" scare you. The best part: riding the whole track BACKWARDS.
Tower of Terror: Also totally totally totally worth it. Kelsey and I were upset we didn't get dropped the whole 13 stories. Helped me overcome my fear of falling. Flew out of my seat, thank goodness for strong boys sitting next to me and seat belts.
Splash Mountain: Very cute. Not nearly as scary as I remembered it, but still really cool. Especially when riding it at night during the fireworks show.
Expedition Mars: G-Forces are SWEET. Maybe I'll be an astronaut when I grow up.
Soarin: MY FAVORITE. Especially the Smell-o-vision and playing Wii in line.

The marching band [I play the piccolo.] marched in a parade on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. I say A parade because there were about fifty thousand. Which makes getting around the park especially difficult.
We got to see "Backstage Disney." Which was totally cool, except for the whole "No taking pictures! No cell phones!" Thing. I will probably get reprimanded for talking about it on my blog. That whole keeping up apperances thing and all. It was cool though, seeing all the characters. Plus-- who knew you could stargaze in DisneyWorld?!

Welcome back, spring! I have missed you tons. Especially because I've spent the last 5 days in sunny Florida. Let's go jump in a swimmin' pool! The temperature is above 50 degrees! (52 to be exact....maybe I should go back to Orlando. It's still a little chilly to swim.

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