Thursday, March 6, 2008

And The Countdown Begins!

So I got the "official word" last night that I was on the Malawi Africa team! Praise the Lord! I am so excited, and think about it every second of everyday. :]

Spring Break is in 8 days. I'm going to see Mickey. And Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. I'm such a little kid.

Current Obsessions:
-swing dancing. I'm currently buying a load of swing music to put on my Ipod. hoooooooo-ray. :]
-Sister Act 2. It has the best soundtrack. I will admit, I was dancing around while the kids on the movie were singing "Oh Happy Day."
-PLANET EARTH. [nerd alert!] Watched it today in chemistry. What Planet Earth has to do with chemistry, I do not know. But it amazes me that humans can catch all these different, diverse animals up close and personal. And that ONE God created them all. I like to think I'm somewhat creative...but His creativity outweighs mine by about... a whole whole lot.

Disney pictures WILL be posted. :] I highly anticipate chasing around the characters, just like I did 7 years ago when I was ten. But I'll have an excuse- I'm in Disney World, where everyone turns into a kid as soon as they walk through those magical gates. I can't wait. :]

Countdown: 86 days!

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Shelia said...

Congratulations! I am so glad you will be going to love on those people who already have your heart. In the meantime, enjoy Disney. Just for the record, you become a kid whether you are a teenager or an old lady like moi. :~)