Wednesday, February 27, 2008

confessions of a teenage blog addict.

I think I should go to Blog Addicts Anonymous. And Facebook Wallstalkers Anonymous.

Had my interview for the Malawi, Africa Trip yesterday. It went well, I will keep posting updates on the process! =]

So Neens texted me this morning saying that Boo Mama was hysterical. I do have to agree, her blog posts have kept me howling all morning.

I made my way into her Africa blogs, from the Compassion Blogging Trip that got back about a week ago. Alot of her posts, along with the other bloggers that went, are about the children in Uganda. I eat it up. Boo Mama mentioned that many of these children have never seen their faces before. I've never thought about that. I take mirrors for granted. Something that I use everyday, and don't think twice about. I see my face in my mirror in the morning, in the multiple mirrors in my car, in store windows (okay, sign me up for I Check Myself Out In Any Reflective Surface Anonymous too please.), and in pretty much every reflective surface. In my defense, I am not vain. Just a teenage girl.

But still. That little thought, that many children living in poverished nations have never seen their own faces. Their own beautiful smiles, and the eyes that make me tear up, even when I just see the pictures. I'm going to be a basketcase when I actually get to see these faces up close and for real. And put names with them. Names that I will never forget.

I cannot wait.

It also occured to me last night that in about 90 days I will:
-be a SENIOR.
-be getting on a plane to go out of the country for the first time. To a country that I've only read about on the internet.

Oh my lanta, I cannot wait.


Shelia said...

Hilarious! ...and Tender...and sweet. You are going to be a shower of grace to those little children who are awaiting your touch. You will be a reflection for them. You will help them see themselves as beautiful. I know you will. So glad you are going.

faeninamaxine said...

So all of those clubs/rehab groups you're joining-- sign me up, too! And perhaps add Ice Chewers Anonymous... ;)

And you don't even know how excited I am for you and Malawi. Can you imagine all of the stories we'll have to catch up on between the end of May and August?
You: Malawi
Me: Kosova
You: More Malawi
Me: MS Church Stuff
You and Me: The fact we're going to be SENIORS.