Tuesday, February 26, 2008

things that make me tick.

In a burst of creativeness, I decided I would do a "random" blog post. =] Here goes.

Three Things That Make me Happy:
1. sunshine, windows down, sunroof back.
2. candid kindergartener comments.
[favorite to date: but ms. amberly, how did you get your car in a shopping bag if you bought it yourself?]
3. friends =]
Three Things That I Look Forward To:
1. Missions
2. College
Three People That I Admire:
1. My mom
2. Neens
3. Heather

Three Pet Peeves:
1. Not knowing the time
2. AP classes
3. Wearing shoes

Songs That Will Change Your Life:
1. Say It: Britt Nicole
2. My Lovely: Joel and Luke
3. Human: Jon McLaughlin

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