Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please Put Me On A Plane.

I think I'm developing this awful habit of sitting infront of the computer for hours looking at blogs. Its not so much the blogs that are the awful habit, it's the procrastination that i'm doing that's the awful habit. Oh well.

My applications for the Malawi trip in June are turned in. My passport is applied for, my sponsor letter is in the oven. I cannot wait.

So the past hour and a half has been dedicated not to Union kids this time (although yesterday and the day before that, it was. =]), but to the group that is currently in Uganda with Compassion. I blog hopped all afternoon. Its safe to say that I'm addicted.

Pictures and video always get to me. The dreams of these kids in Uganda that are living in poverty make me smile. A young boy wants to be an engineer. A mother hopes her son will be a doctor, so he can help the people in his village. Many parents want their children to get a strong, formal education so they can break out of the cycle of poverty of their villages. With the help of Compassion, these children are being sponsored by families in the United States. Families of these children are visited monthly by a Compassion "networking" friend, who keeps folders on each child in the village, along with charts of growth, pictures, and goals for the family and for the child.

The hope that fill the eyes of the Ugandan children is incredible. The smiles are captivating. I cannot wait for the Malawi trip. I know God will do BIG things. Because He's my God, and my God does big things.

I, I am small but You,

You are big enough

I, I am weak butYou,

You are strong enough to

Take my dreams

Come and give them wings

Lord with You

Nothing I can not do

Nothing I cannot do

I wanna feed the hungry children

And reach across the farthest land

And tell the broken there is healing

And mercy in the Father's hands

-Set The World On Fire: Britt Nicole

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Nina said...

LOVE the lyrics. Amazing.