Friday, May 30, 2008

Check It!!

I will meet these children in a matter of HOURS. :]
So, 60+ days, 5 shots, a WHOLE LOT of sponsor letters, some new clothes, lots of prayers, lots of growing, and 3 days of shopping later.... AFRICA IS HERE. Well, not technically,but I leave in 15 hours. 15 HOURS! Praise the Lord!
And of course, everyone of my posts has to have a pointless rambling part. So here goes:

1) The new Tenth Avenue North CD will absolutely blow your socks off. I've been a fan since 8th grade, but this CD is SPECTACULAR. (Is that spelled right?) You WILL love it. And if you don't... well, your loss.
2.) The new Hillsong CD is also SPECTACULAR. It makes me want to dance around. All their stuff makes me want to dance around. But this CD is even more so. :]
3.) I am SO PROUD of Neens. Girls State has stolen her away, but she is absolutely flourishing. I adore that girl. And I will miss her so while I'm gone. (I know she will read this at some point. Probably on Saturday afternoon. I know that she is itching to blog after being gone all week.) I also think it's quite cute/funny/amazing how she wrote us letters. Us = Africa team. She put mine in 3 envelopes and apparently like a whole role of tape. Because we aren't supposed to open them until we actually GET to Africa. She knows me well. :]

4.) Michael Buble is my future husband, I don't care what anyone says. Well, that last part sounded really mean. But I've offically decided that I'm going to marry him. And he can sing to me at all hours of the day. [Nina is scoffing at this, by the way. She's probably thinking some sassbucket remark...]

5.) Stuff Christians Like (new link on right side of page) is HEE-LARIOUS. I was up at obscene hours of the morning last night reading it. My brother thought I was going crazy. But it's hysterical. Jon Acuff is the type of guy that I would want as a best friend.
See you on the other side of the pond. :]


Tim said...
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Tim said...


faeninamaxine said...

you know me WAY too well.

i read it saturday night, and you better bet that michael buble part got an eyeroll and a slew of sassbucket thoughts.

love you! praying much!

Nina said...

so right now, according to twitter, you are either journaling or looking through pictures.

being able to keep up with you guys is SO exciting. 100 kids at VBS and record-breaking brick-making? yeah, buddy! way to go!