Monday, May 26, 2008

ramblings. (i tend to have many...)

Today is Memorial Day. The family and I went to beautiful Coffee county. We ventured to some state park. It was an experience, let me tell you.

5 days! It's soooo odd to say that. It still feels like I'm dreaming the whole trip up. Like a bunch of teenagers are sitting around going, "Wow, how fun would it be to go to AFRICA this summer?" But it's real. Hooray! It seems like just yesterday that I was saying "Africa is 60 days away!!" And to think it's 5 DAYS AWAY. Wow. That's.....(I'm counting on my fingers...) 120 hours. WOW. Less than that now. More like, 96. Holy guacamole.


- I love practical jokes. I'm currently in a Practical Joke War with a friend. I stuffed his car with blown up balloons this morning. I got home from "Beautiful Coffee County" and the balloons were stuffed under my car. I then strung the balloons together, hoping to string them through his front-yard shrubbery. Nope. I T.P.ed his room with another friend. :]
-I frequently pretend like I'm on American Idol and sing my heart out in the car. I'm not a shower singer. I prefer the car. Yes, I'm the one that's at the red light next to you dancing and singing, not caring that she looks like an idiot.
-I love when the Man Clan gets together. The Man Clan is a group of about 5 junior (now SENIOR!) guys that get together for hangout time. They frequently sleep over at one of their houses and make lip syncing videos to Paramore songs. Hysterical. But these boys make my world go round.
- Chick flicks are fun.
- The season finale of Grey's Anatomy that just aired last Thursday was THE BEST EPISODE EVER. Especially for hopeless romantics like myself. :]

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Nina said...

we're grey's marathon-ing this summer. and that finale was almost perfect!

derek needed to not leave meredith just standing there. forget rose! hehe.