Wednesday, September 10, 2008

some of my new favorite things.

Courtney and I ventured** to Nashvegas this past weekend to see the GO! premier of the new Invisible Children movie. Oh man, how God has put this organization on my heart. The showing was so cool, it was at Take 121 Arts...which was totally cute and totally me. Very artsy, very comfortable, and very down-home feeling. There were alot of Belmont kids there-which was exciting.

**[ I say ventured because we MapQuested directions, and they led us through the ghetto of downtown Nashville. Two blondes+maps+ghetto... not the best mix.]

The movie itself was SO awesome. It brought back many memories- it's about a team of students from all across America that raised the most money out of all the schools that competed in Schools for Schools. As their adventure unfolded on the movie, I couldn't help but remember my journey to Africa. Of course, their's was vastly different, but at the same time, so similar to mine. After the movie, the IC Roadies introduced us to 5 of the team members that went. I was so psyched, and I'm now friends with 2 of them on Facebook.

So. A list. 'Cause I like those...and I'm good at them.

My NEW Favorite Things:
-Kairos on Tuesday nights.
-Schools 4 Schools
-Nalgene jars...just don't let them get over heated.
-Senior Student Council
Oh, how fun senior boys are.

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