Thursday, September 25, 2008

i think my heart may explode.

A girl's heart can only take so much excitement.

We (the seniors at school) have already started a count-down to senior year. 136 days, my friend. Woo hoo. But also oh time is running out.

Since seeing the Go! Movie, all I have been able to think about is how BLESSED I am, and how much NEED there is in the world. Specifically, Northern Uganda. I mean, having my heart located there really doesn't have anything to do with it.... :] kidding, of course. So I am currently marvelously entangled in the web of organizing the BIGGEST community wide book drive ever. All for the sake of students in Northern Uganda that have been affected by the longest running genocide in human history. Man, I'm excited.

PLUS....senior year is rockin. I've applied to one college, and am going to work on another application this weekend. (Can you tell that there's no football?) Speaking of football...WE ARE UNDEFEATED. Yessss. We play one of our biggest rivals in a week, and I'm honestly sitting on pins and needles. It will be a great game!

And then, the leaves are changing, and it feels FABULOUS outside. I would be out there blogging this and listening to Matchbox Twenty/John Mayer/Justin Nozuka. Yay Pandora, but boo wireless internet that only reaches so far.

And! Oh, and. GREYS ANATOMY TONIGHT. YEAHHHH. The long awaited season. Hooray, I have made it! I had my doubts. I'm ridiculously addicted to Grey's. It's quite sad. But, oh well. :]

I just can't wait for:
-the book drive to officially be kicked off.
-the leaves start changing colors.
-fall picnics
-outside sketchbook days.
-more football.

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