Thursday, September 11, 2008

because i miss it.

Brooklyn, one of the Middle School pastors at TPC is in Malawi right now. I think the day she left was the hardest day since being back. What I wouldn't give to have been on that plane with her.

There's no dout about it, my heart is in Africa. I didn't believe that for a few days on and off since I've been home. But now, more than ever...I know my heart is there.

3 months later. After blood, sweat, and tears of 15 American teenagers and 5 adults went into that house, it still stands and is being lived in. I walked that land, I layed those bricks. I prayed over that house countless times...there, and here. I think about the family that lives in that house everyday. I'll never forget spending hours in the bathroom with Court, or sweeping with my hands with Kelso and Will. I'll never forget the picture of love that the Lord showed us on that last day. This is The House That Love Built.

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