Friday, May 15, 2009

el fin.

A Haiku by Me:

I'm done with high school.
Goodbye FHS, I'll miss you.
Hello, dear sweet summer!

Man. I'm done. It's sooooooo weird.

I cleaned out my locker, and my art cubbies, and all my random possessions in the art was like moving out of a house.

We signed yearbooks today, we ate our last meal on FHS grounds.

I heard my last dismissal bell, I walked out to my parking spot for the last time. I drove away for the last time. I looked back, and remembered.

I remembered:
-Freshman year, and my first day of high school.
-Freshman band
-the band bus.
-Mr. Jones.
-Dr. Beat.
-Mr. A.
-OC Marathons.
-flute eggs.
-dot books.
-Mrs. Vaden. (aka: Darth Vader, and her transporter to the Underworld.)
-singing Queen at the top of our lungs under Mrs. Vaden's desk.
-dissecting the fetal pig sophomore year.
-moving into the new building.
-being one of the first students in the new building.
-accidentally walking into the boys bathroom.
-getting moved in Spanish because John and I "talked too much."
-Art 1, and washing our brushes in a water cooler.
-Student Council.
-getting my arms covered in spray glue at Float Bulding.
-Relient K in concert.
-the phone scavenger hunt.
-teaching Liane how to drive a stick shift.
-the smell of the band room.
-going commando in our (new) band uniforms in California.
-NOLA, 07.
-"I feel like a burrito!"
-"The sun raped my face!"
-gutting those houses.
-Big Booty.
-Little Sally Walker.
-permagrins and THE BUNGALOW.
-"McDonalds" at 2am.
-piling in Kevin's car.
-football games.
-the student section.
-Invisible Children.
-painting my fingers to the bone.
-dance parties in Ms. Saylor's room.
-camping out in Ms. Saylor's room.
-yearbook staff.
-girls' nights.
-decorating our parking spots with sidewalk chalk.
-Fake Fusions.
-the class of 2009.
-blasting NSYNC in my car with the girls.
-getting advice from the boys.
-the FRIST.
-Art Buddy.
-sisters from another mister.
-flour wars.

Man, what a ride. I'm so thankful for the past 4 years, and I can't wait to see what the Father has in store for the next chapter of my life!

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