Sunday, November 23, 2008

hello there, blog.

i take pictures when i drive:
It's been awhile. Igot this idea from (totally worth checking out.).

eight things i'm obsessed with:

01. Football. We are in the 4th round semifinals. Woohoo! Celebrated a HUGE win over our rival on Friday. Praise the Lord!

02. London Fogs: The best drink ever at Starbucks. Perfect for overcast days. Or days with lots of studying.

03. Dave Barnes: Oh, beautiful. Beautiful voice. He's pretty beautiful himself. :]

04. Union University: I'm going! I've been accepted, and I'm currently waiting on a letter telling me how much money they'll award me. I'm super excited, and cannot wait for college.

05. Africa: Well, no shocker here. Invisible Children stuff (book drive) is going well. It's so cool watching how the Lord provides! We had our first Mission Meeting today. It was soley an interest meeting, but I can't wait to be back in Malawi. I miss my home.

06. Girlfriendies: Girl's Nights are the best. They're good for the soul. We laugh our heads off. They're pretty grand. No matter what The Man Clan says, Girl's Nights are WAY better than Man Nights.

07. Art: Also, no surprise. A few new projects coming up...getting excited!

08. Cold Weather Clothes: From scarves to gloves, I love them all. Way way way too much fun to play around with.

eight things i say:

01. blast

02. holey moley

03. bee-een. (pronounced B-eeen.)

04. theeeeeater.

05. geeze louise.

06. hilarous.

07. fantastic.

08. fab.

eight things i want:

01. 4 stretched canvases, ranging in size.

02. a london fog.

03. grey shrug boots.

04. pangea necklace

05. anthropologie dress.

06. nikon d60.

07. a mac book.

08. grey's anatomy season 4 on dvd.

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